Hunsdon meets at the Hunsdon Village Hall.

Hunsdon Scout Group is one of the smaller groups in Ware and District with one Beaver Colony, 1 Cub Pack, and 1 Scout Troop, all mixed with about 50:50 girl/boy membership.

We currently have 60 young members and 15 adult leaders, which represents a strong leader to youth ratio. We pack lots of activities into our program covering a wide variety of activity and challenge badges.

Every section gets an opportunity to learn new skills and to take part in nights away events every year. Together we camp, cook, knot, pioneer, kayak, climb, abseil, sing, hike, bounce, swim, race and more. All sections go out on trips, have visitors, play games, face challenges, enter competitions, get wet and muddy sometimes but always have lots of fun. We are also actively involved in local community projects, support all the District events and as many County and National initiatives as practical.

 Meetings take place term time in Hunsdon Village Hall, but we get out and about as often as possible:

Beavers 6-8 years old

Beavers meet on Tuesday evening at the Hunsdon Village Hall

Cubs 8-10.5 years old

Cubs meet on Thursday evening at the Hunsdon Village Hall

Scouts 10.5-14 years old

Meet on Wednesday evening at the Hunsdon Village Hall

Hunsdon Scout Group

Please contact if you would like to join us, whether as a youth or adult member.  We always have room for more pairs of hands, and we make volunteering with us very flexible!